Saitama Dining Chairs


Discover the Saitama Dining Chair, crafted for those who value both durability and comfort. Made from premium solid wood, this chair ensures lasting strength and reliability, making it an excellent investment. With its timeless design and ergonomic build, the Saitama Dining Chair not only enhances your dining area but also invites warmth and elegance into your home. Ideal for everyday dining or special gatherings, it combines practicality with aesthetic appeal, promising a delightful dining experience for all.

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Introducing the Saitama Dining Chair, the perfect choice for those who prioritize strength and comfort. Made from high-quality solid wood, this chair is guaranteed to be sturdy and durable, making it a valuable long-term investment. With its warm and elegant design, the Saitama Dining Chair will create a more comfortable and inviting dining atmosphere.

Measuring 50 cm in length, 44 cm in width, and 77 cm in height, this chair is designed to provide optimal comfort while sitting. The seat height from the floor is 45 cm, meeting ergonomic standards to ensure good sitting posture. The main material used is solid mahogany wood, renowned for its strength and beauty, adding aesthetic value to your space.

Complete your dining area with the Saitama Dining Chair and feel the difference. This chair not only offers practical functionality as a seat but also adds a touch of style to your interior decor. Whether for everyday meals or special occasions, the Saitama Dining Chair is the perfect choice to create a warm and welcoming dining experience.

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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 44 × 50 × 77 cm


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