Symmetrical Design


Elevate your bedroom with our Helios 2 Rack Nightstand, crafted from premium Indonesian mahogany. Its heat and decay-resistant properties ensure durability, while the symmetrical design and dimensions (50 cm W x 40 cm D x 55 cm H) offer stylish functionality. With two spacious racks for ample storage, this elegant piece adds natural beauty and practicality to any room.


Enhance your home with the Oslo 2 Rack Nightstand, crafted from durable mandi wood and elegant Indonesian rattan. This heat and decay-resistant nightstand features a symmetrical design and dimensions of 40 cm (W) x 30 cm (D) x 55 cm (H), offering stylish and practical storage with its two spacious racks. Perfect for any decor, it brings natural beauty and modern functionality to your living space.


Experience the perfect blend of elegance and comfort with our Teak Wood Dining Chair. Crafted from premium Indonesian teak, this chair features a thick, plush cushion and a symmetrical design, ensuring both style and durability. With heat and decay resistance, it’s built to last. Dimensions: 87 cm (H) x 37 cm (W) x 40 cm (D). Enhance your dining space with this beautiful and sturdy chair, perfect for any occasion.